The Essential is Super Smooth™

The Essential is Super Smooth™

The Essential is Super Smooth™

Essential features RELX’s Super Smooth™ performance standard, which allows novice and veteran vapers the opportunity to get valuable experience.

Some critical components of Super Smooth™ technology include:

  • A comfortable temperature: The Essential never produces vapor that's overheat for a vaper to handle comfortably. The temperature of the vapor remains below 55°C (or 131°F). This temperature is high enough to generate heavy clouds of vapor, but it won't leave a burning taste in your mouth. 
  • Quiet vaping: With Essential, you can vape quietly. Each pull produces an inhalation that is lower than 10 decibels ensuring that others around you are not disturbed.
  • Rich vapor: The Essential delivers puffs with a weight of 6-7.5mg.
  • Fast activation: You don't have to wait for the atomizer to activate. It activates very quickly (in about 0.2 seconds). It's also pretty sensitive, so you don't have to inhale too forcefully. 
  • Draw resistance: RELX optimized the draw resistance to be plus or minus 0.4 kPa in terms of tolerance.  

You may be wondering how Super Smooth™ is possible. Super SmoothTM was perfected by a team of over 100 R&D experts at RELX.  They performed 76 tests and were able to quantify the five performance factors mentioned above. 

The Super Smooth™ performance is possible, thanks to two specific technologies:

  1. Air Boost: The Air Boost technology has a negative pressure airway design that allows for comfortable and seamless puffs.
  2. Active-Steam Pro: The Active-Steam Pro technology is responsible for maintaining a balanced atomization process, preventing high temperatures. 

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