Quality of Infinity Device

Quality of Infinity Device


From the first puff to last puff, RELX deliver the best vaping experience.

Our high standard of quality is designed to ensure the meet of requirements to the industry. We formulate and develop our own complete and strict “RELX Standard” to ensure that our products are offer the best quality and reliability to the users. Even in places around the world where product quality is not compulsory or regulated, our high standard of quality does not yield. All the products are strictly tested to ensure they meet or exceed internationally accepted standards and quality checks. 

All of RELX’s devices are built to meet the greatest possible standards. Before leaving the manufacturer, our devices must pass 18 compulsory quality inspections, including electrical, chemical and physical reliability tests. Additionally, each device must pass RELX's stringent product quality criteria in a range of scenarios involving harsh environments and usage circumstances.

RELX has one of the most rigorous product testing and inspection processes in the industry. Our factory is one of the largest exclusive e-cigarette factories in the world for an independent e-cigarette company.

As for our factories, RELX’s factories have received the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification, which is a set of international certifications applicable to the pharmaceutical and food industries.



Following third party audits, we were fortunate to achieve various international quality certifications including ISO 9001 and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) after third party audits. Besides, all RELX manufacturing partners must in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 22000, and GMP manufacturing standards.

This offers customers with an additional degree of comfort, demonstrating RELX's dedication to quality and sound production equipment, as well as reasonable production practises. The management and strict inspection processes ensure that the quality of final product be in line with all the requirements of rules and regulations.

Producing the excellence in our RELX devices and pods is a lengthy process that involving many prototypes and experiments. Our designers and manufacturing teams always work hand-in-hand while manufacturing the devices and pods with exceptional quality and reliability.

Team RELX collaborate from all around the world to create a unique and memorable vaping experience exclusively for you. The team will continue to experiment with new technologies, accessories, and colour options in order to improve and personalise your experience.

Currently, our R&D teams are working on the next generation of vape devices, as well as new e-liquid pod compositions. These innovations are continuously driven by the latest science, research, technology and experimentation. 

Our engineering teams have also given an extra layer of security and reliability to the devices and pods. Each RELX product, whether it's a vape pen or an e-liquid pod, comes with a unique product identifying code that may be used to track down any possible issues. Just another way to ensure our products achieve the RELX Standard. 

We place a high value on the quality and effect of each process, from product design to material selection to development and production, and undertake rigors testing and assessment with reference to compliance requirements in related industries. RELX has always upheld the greatest standards for ourselves and our partners, insisting on a never-ending quest of excellence. We firmly believe in offering only the best possible products for all of our customers

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