RELX is your online source for advanced electronic cigarettes and next generation vaping equipment. We use the most modern production techniques, presenting you with innovative devices. Our products combine stylish modern designs with cutting edge technology to provide you with the best electronic cigarettes and vape pens online.


RELX Super Smooth™ is our performance standard and was created with over 100 R&D scientists from the RELX Lab through 76 sensory tests and adjustments which quantified smoothness through 5 performance indicators.


Our team of engineers are on a quest to redefine the vaping experience and we are just at the beginning of our journey. We continue to chase perfection through research, science and expert engineering. When we were studying the user experience, it became clear that mouthfeel is of utmost importance. This is what led us to develop our performance standard, RELX Super Smooth™.


RELX’s research and development teams engineered Super Smooth™ through 76 sensory tests with hours of adjustment. We summarized the results into 5 key indicators to understand how to make the vaping experience the smoothest possible.

While simple in nature, the benefits are unmatched. Our devices ensure a Super Smooth™ experience from the first to the last puff.


Moving from design to production requires meticulous processes to work harmoniously. RELX’s designers work side-by-side with our manufacturing teams because we believe from design to creation, craftsmanship is inseparable. Excellent product reliability comes from seamless development and stable process control.


To ensure quality across our entire processes, RELX initiated and developed our RELX Standard. We referenced 30 stringent standards and then formulated our tests to be more complete and strict. 

Even in areas around the world where the quality level is not compulsory or regulated, our standard of quality does not yield.Our quality experts continue to define and develop strict product requirements for our manufactures and suppliers.

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